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Partner Program

A world map, showing Results Formula, LinkedIn training for business, and the partner program.

Welcome to the Results Formula Partner Program. 

About Us: 

Results Formula are a highly respected digital agency committed to helping people to more effectively use LinkedIn.

Our partner program offers an opportunity to partner with a reputable brand that proudly delivers quality LinkedIn coaching, training, and support.

These LinkedIn for busines coaching, training, courses and support, offer comprehensive and highly effective programs to help individuals and businesses leverage LinkedIn to their fullest potential. 

We proudly support all our clients and customers with a 1 year, service, support and results commitment to ensure they achieve their objectives.

Just some of the areas covered in the courses, coaching and training include

  • Enhanced Profile Optimization:

  • Effective Networking Strategies:

  • Content Creation and Marketing:

  • Proven Lead Generation Techniques:

  • Sales Navigator Mastery:

  • Brand Building & Positioning:

  • Analytics and Measurement:

  • Advanced Search and Boolean Techniques:

  • Personalized Support and Coaching:

In summary, Linked Into More Business courses, coaching and training provides individuals, companies and corporations a holistic and actionable approach to mastering LinkedIn as a professional networking and marketing platform. 


We proudly support our clients with our

Triple Protection Money Back Guarantee seal for secure purchase with Results Formula.
Results Formula: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Try Risk-Free Today!

30 Day, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Apply our Organic Lead Generation program and generate authentic leads with your prospects within the 1st 30 days of your purchase or Linked Into More Business online course, or we’ll give you a full 100% refund.

Trust Results Formula's 1 year service support guarantee for reliable and efficient service.

1 Year Service & Support Guarantee

Get the help and support you will need for a full 365 days, including the answers to all your questions.

Image of our Results Guarantee ensures satisfaction backed by the Results Formula's commitment.

1 Year Results

All our Courses, Coaching, Training & Services deliver authentic and genuine results. If you don’t achieve a return on your investment, we will work with you at no extra cost until you do!

We are always interested in talking to people who share similar philosophies to us.
To find out more about our partnership program, just choose a time below to set up a time and explore opportunities!  

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