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Linked Into More Business
+ 3 Day Accelerator

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Image of Derick Mildred's LinkedIn for business course, 3 Day Accelerator, and networking community.
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Linked Into More Business & 3 Day Accelerator Bootcamp

& Membership to Our Networking Community
incl 1 Year Service & Support.

  • 1 Year full access to the complete Linked Into More Business online course

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  • Membership to our Private Members Only Support Group.

  • Access to our 3 Day Intensive LinkedIn for Business Accelerator program.
  • Each daily session will run for upto 3 hours, giving you time to quickly implement.
  • Q & A at the end of each of the 3 daily training sessions.
  • Replays of each of the 3 X training sessions will be provided.
  • Access to All Bonuses. 
  • 1 Year Service & Support.

The LinkedIn to More Business course, combined with a 3-day accelerator bootcamp, offers a comprehensive and effective way for individuals to harness the power of LinkedIn for their professional growth and business success.

​During the 3 Day Accerator Bootcamp you will learn more about

  • Accelerated Learning: The 3-day accelerator bootcamp is designed to fast-track your LinkedIn success. It condenses essential information and actionable strategies into a short time frame, helping you implement what you've learned quickly.

  • Strategic LinkedIn Mastery: The course provides in-depth training on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, create engaging content, and build a strategic network. Participants will learn how to present themselves as experts in their fields, increasing their visibility and credibility among their connections.

  • Personal Branding: Building a strong personal brand on LinkedIn is crucial for long-term success. This program guides you in crafting a compelling personal brand that aligns with your professional goals and attracts the right opportunities.

  • Proven Lead Generation Strategies: LinkedIn is a powerful platform for lead generation. This program teaches you how to identify and connect with potential clients or partners, allowing you to expand your business network and generate qualified leads.

  • Effective Content Creation: Content is king on LinkedIn. You'll discover how to create and share content that resonates with your target audience, increasing engagement and establishing thought leadership in your industry.

  • Premium Vs Sales Navigator: Discover the differences between these 2 optional subscriptions to LinkedIn, and the benefits of each, so you can decide if you need them to help you build, grow and scale your business with LinkedIn. 

  • Networking Mastery: The course teaches advanced networking techniques, enabling participants to connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential clients or collaborators. You'll learn strategies for building meaningful connections and expanding your professional network.

  • Efficient Time Management: The course emphasizes valuable time-saving strategies, ensuring that you get the most out of your LinkedIn efforts without spending excessive hours on the platform.

  • Increased Business Opportunities: By leveraging the power of LinkedIn effectively, you'll be better positioned to find new clients, collaborators, sales prospects and even potential business partnerships, ultimately leading to increased revenue and business growth for you and your business.

In summary, the LinkedIn to More Business course, combined with the 3-day accelerator bootcamp, provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful tool for professional and business success. Whether you're looking to generate leads, enhance your personal brand, or expand your professional network, this program offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you achieve your goals on LinkedIn quickly and efficiently.

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