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LinkedIn for Business Testimonials. 

What people say!

Young professionals come together to celebrate Results Formula testimonials with applause.
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No. 1 on LinkedIn in Australia, Anthony J James endorses Derick Mildred and his LinkedIn strategies.

Derick constantly amazes me with his insight and original approaches to LinkedIn strategy and application for business. He is open, willing to give advice, and well respected within the LinkedIn community. Derick leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication to both brand building and position for business as well as his industry insights extremely valuable. The success he has achieved personally and professionally shows his extensive knowledge and dedication. I highly recommend Derick, follow him today.”

Anthony J James – LinkedIn Top Voice & Influencer.

(No 1 in Australia with over 3.6 Million Followers)

Cory Warfield endorses Derick Mildred and his social media marketing and branding strategies.

" Derick has a robust understanding of social media marketing and branding, and has been instrumental in my understanding of how to prospect and grow using social media. He is a wealth of knowledge with regards to the algorithms, the nuances of the different social platforms, and online networking. Derick has made suggestions and introduced me to both people and tactics that have proved highly valuable. I am pleased to recommend Derick as an instructor and a secret weapon for online marketing and branding!" 

Cory Warfield

Influencer Creator & Coach

Chicago, Illinois. USA

Carlos Adell endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn advice and social media marketing.
Jerin Hossain endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn training for business.
Dimitry Ortiz recommends Derick Mildred for his understanding on leveraging LinkedIn for business.
Lila Smith recommends Derick Mildred for his understanding of LinkedIn as a communications tool.
Steve Smith recommends Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn for business coaching and training.
Rhonda Sher endorses Derick Mildred for knowledge on how LinkedIn works for people in business.
Andrea Simmons endorses Derick Mildred for his work on her LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn coaching.
Dee Tozer recommends Derick Mildred for his work on her LinkedIn profile.
Ronan Leonard endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn skills and knowledge as a LinkedIn trainer.
Patrick Ward recommends Derick Mildred for his Results Formula LinkedIn for business course.
Riyaad Suliman recommends Derick Mildred as a LinkedIn for business mentor, coach, and advisor.
Julian Rio endorses Derick Mildred for his best practices on LinkedIn.
Nirmal Sinha endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn profile and effective networking advice.
Eurico Gomes endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn knowledge, experience and know how.
Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson endorses Derick Mildred for his help with her presentation on LinkedIn.
Davida Ginter endorses Derick Mildred, LinkedIn coach for helping her LinkedIn profile stand out.
Pilar Gonzalez Madrid recommends Derick Mildred for helping her with her LinkedIn profile.

"Derick is a master at his craft. Definitely someone you want to talk with when it comes to LinkedIn advice and social media marketing. He goes always for the extra mile to provide value no matter what. There's never a question without an answer. Approachable and amazing at understanding people's needs.

Carlos Adell

The Coach of Coaches


"As a LinkedIn influencer with over 880K Followers, I know LinkedIn well, but when I have any questions about LinkedIn, particularly for business, Derick is the one I ask, he knows more about using LinkedIn for business than anybody else I know. He also helped me focus my intensions and not to worry too much about others!
Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the last few years Derick."

Jerin Hossain

LinkedIn Influencer, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman


"Derick is a great guy and a giving person. I have followed his work for some years. He understands Social media and how to leverage LinkedIn in a very accurate and effective way. His Results Formula has a very simple structure with amazing tools to position yourself as an Authority while strengthening your Business and Personal Brand.'"

Dimitry Ortiz

RPA Project Manager.


"Through all the noise and smoke and mirrors and “how to get followers who won’t convert to customers ever ever ever and probably don’t even like you” posers who claim to be “LinkedIn Trainers,” there are only 8 wonderful people on all of LinkedIn who deserve your money and can get you results.


And of all of those 8 people, Derick Mildred is who I asked to join me for a piece of custom content to provide my #SayThingsBetterAlumni group, breaking down what’s an appropriate Objective for each of the Communication Events on LinkedIn.


Why him? More than any other LinkedIn trainer, he has consistently referred to LinkedIn as a communications tool.


In every one of our Zoom calls, he’s reinforced that he gets why and how to use that tool to connect and ultimately create the relationships that drive business- and not just any business, but business that feels great and results in referrals!


In just ten minutes of the custom content we made together, we covered personalized connection requests, InMail to someone at an organization you’d like to be hired by, the About section of your profile, selling (you might be surprised by his advice- ask him! He’s RIGHT), direct messaging, work anniversary messages, birthday messages, social proof via media files on your profile, posts, company page posts, group engagement, and my favorite: commenting.


Having gone deep with Derick about my own profile and what I use it for, as well as having approved and offered his full courses to my own group members, I can attest that this barely scratches the surface of his platform knowledge.


Finally, I’d like to add that I just like the guy! I look forward to time I get to spend with him, both socially and in training. He learns from me, I learn from him, and he cracks me up! I think I’ve ended up in laughter tears on all of our calls at least once.


People who have serious knowledge and a seriously sharp strategic strength are important to my network. And when those people don’t have to take themselves too seriously, they become my favorite Communication Partners! That’s Derick Mildred.


He’s got the goods when it comes to LinkedIn, and he makes it fun and engaging to work with him. Go for one of his full programs if you can. You’ll see returns for all the years ahead you plan to use this platform."

Lila Smith

Say Things Better

Dallas, Texas. USA

"I have just spent 45 mins on a call with Derick Mildred, and I can unequivocally say that I have learnt more about how to use LinkedIn during those 45 mins than I have in the whole time I have been on this platform. Anybody looking to improve how they are viewed, and how to get the best out of this site, should get in touch with Derick, you will not be disappointed."

Steve Smith

Commercial Director.

Magna Park, England. UK.

"Derick Mildred is brilliant when it comes to LinkedIn and websites. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and truly a man of his word. His knowledge of how LinkedIn works and how to optimize this platform is absolutely stellar. He understands his clients and is generous in sharing his time and skills. If I have ever a questions about LinkedIn or need a resource, Derick is my go-to guy. Thank you for all you do."

Rhonda Sher

The LinkedIn Diva.

Los Angeles. California. USA

"I highly recommend Derick Mildred - Results Formula (social media management & LinkedIn Profile make-over). Since Derick has given my LinkedIn profile a 'make-over' & optimization, more people are finding about what I do and how I can help them. Without really working the LinkedIn system (yet), every couple of days I'm receiving LinkedIn connection requests, messages, and inquiries. I am really happy."

Andrea Simmons

Wellness Entrepreneur.

Melbourne. Australia

"Derick has made my new LinkedIn Profile Makeover painless and I love what he has done. He has an astute feel for what I require and his suggestions tailored my message helping me focus tightly on what I do. He showed me how to get around in LinkedIn and how to make my presence standout. Many thanks for your superb guidance in helping me organise my thinking Derick."

Dee Tozer

Melbourne. Australia

"Derick is highly skilled in LinkedIn. One of the best-connected trainers but also excellent at what he does. I've learned so much from Derick here on LinkedIn that I wanted to pass on my gratitude."

Ronan Leonard

The Mastermind Guy

Melbourne, Australia

"Derick's intimate knowledge of LinkedIn is an asset to all who speak to him. His ability to dissect how the platform works and how best to leverage it for personal and professional success is enormously beneficial, whether you consider yourself an expert or are just starting out. His Results Formula course and curriculum help everyone understand how to best use LinkedIn and I can not recommend it (or a chat with Derick) highly enough!"

Patrick Ward

Los Angeles, California. USA

"Derick Mildred is one of the finest mentors, coach, advisor and friend that a person will come across. Derick has a heart of gold and loves to see people prosper without expectations. If anyone out there seeking help with their career or advise I would highly recommend all out there to contact Derick for the most amazing advice and experience. Derick, "YOU ARE THE BEST"

Riyaad Suliman​

Johannesburg, South Africa

" I worked with Derick on a LinkedIn Expert guide followed by discussions around the best practices for LinkedIn. Derick is full of great tips and really knows his way around LinkedIn. He is an invaluable source of information for people willing to improve their outcome with LinkedIn."

Julien Rio

Paris. France

"I have had the pleasure of working with Derick discussing improvements on my LinkedIn profile. Derick’s feedback was very effective and practical, based on his solid expertise on the LinkedIn Platform and other social media systems. His willingness to share that knowledge proved to be crucial. I have particularly admired his ability to present highly conceptual and intricate tips on LinkedIn headers and improving the networking experience. Keep up the good work Derick."

Nirmal Sinha

Auckland, New Zealand

"Understanding LinkedIn! With so many options and a maze of information, it's a daunting task to get through the labyrinth of success. I trust and recommend Derick because he knows what he's talking about, has a plethora of knowledge and good hearted."

Eurico Gomes


" Derick reached out and helped to guide me through some of the finer details in regards to presentation style on LinkedIn. Derick made understanding what I needed to do very easy. I highly recommend Derick to every, he is very clear and concise and most importantly Derick listened to what I was saying. I look forward to working with Derick again in the future. Yours in service Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson" 

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson

Sydney. Australia

"Derick coached me very professionally and strategically about how to make my LinkedIn profile stand out. His experience and creative ideas have really shown through our coaching session, and helped me to convey my message through my profile in a much clearer and visible way. I highly recommend learning from Derick about how to make LinkedIn work in the best way for you." 

Davida Ginter


"I was looking for somebody to help me update my Linkedin profile and I found Derick of Results Formula. Derick showed me how to update my profile and also provided me with some great coaching on how to better use Linkedin. He also gave me access to his Linkedin course which is impressive. As a Linkedin coach, Derick is great at what he does and a lot of fun to work with. Thank You Derick."

Pilar Gonzalez Madrid

Brussells. Belgium

Richard Jayasinghe recommends Derick Mildred’s LinkedIn course as being very professional.

"It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Derick and Results Formula .His Linkedin course is very professional. Additionally his advice is very helpful to employees to further their career path. I recommend him in my heart and wish good Financial and future."

Richard Jayasinghe

Sri Lanka

Emmanuel Rennes endorses Derick Mildred as a LinkedIn coach for people in business.

"Derick coached me on how to use LinkedIn to reach more suitable people for my business, he knows LinkedIn better than any body else that I know. I'm impressed by his very advanced knowledge in social networks."

Emmanuel Rennes

Paris, France.

Alan Reyes recommends Derick Mildred and describes him as a master of LinkedIn.

"After having my profile for about 3 years I had a total of 47 connections, no one had endorsed my skills and it had never come up in a search. After Derick helped me, in less than a month I went from 47 connections to over 1200 connections of targeted potential clients of my business, I've received about 100 endorsed skills and now my profile views are increasing week by week. Derick is a master at LinkedIn!"

Alan Reyes. 

Los Angeles. California. USA

Catherine Thiry endorses Derick Mildred for his LinkedIn for business coaching on generating leads.

"I absolutely recommend Derrick for an efficient Linkedin Profile Checkup . His advice will help you increase your visibility , reach and generate more leads and sales if you are an entrepreneur .Having a strong profile is a must to stand out in the market and attract your ideal client."

Catherine Thiry

Metz. Lorraine. France

Shelby Lordi endorses Derick Mildred for opening her yes to the potential of LinkedIn for business.

"Derick opened my eyes to the untapped well that is LinkedIn. He is incredibly knowledgeable about social media marketing as a whole and is chock-full of relatable anecdotes and advice to get you off the ground. I am happy to have had the pleasure of picking his brain on this niche market.


He is certainly a master of his craft and genuinely cares about helping others succeed. Best part? He has courses too! If a brief conversation can open my eyes to marketing and search engine optimization, then could you imagine what a full-blown class would be like?" 

Shelby Lordi

Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. USA.

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