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About Results Formula Australia

LinkedIn has changed and is forever evolving. 

Each year on average, the algorithm is usually updated, along with new and features being added to the platform that make it more user friendly. 

So the question becomes

"Are everyday users harnessing the full potential of LinkedIn for their business?"

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business coach, trainer and creator of Linked into More Business course

Each day, I work with many professionals on the platform, and I can say that the answer is a resounding "No!"

These days, we have so many useful tools available to us, yet how do we know which ones to use that will not have us run faul of the LinkedIn T's & C's and even risk our account! That's right, use the wrong tools and you put your LinkedIn account in jeopardy...

Sure, there are books, training and even videos over on YouTube. But, we've found none of these do a good enough job of teaching you how to use the relevent features of LinkedIn and the right tools in a down to earth way that shows you step X step, how to buil;d, grow and scale your business.


That's why when we created our LinkedIn for busienss courses, we decided to take a different approach. 

Hi, I'm Derick Mildred, the founder of Results Formula and the creator of the Linked Into More Business courses and programs.  So why do poeple turn to us to learn how to use LinkedIn for growth of their business? 

3 big reasons....

Firstly: We provide easy to follow and apply, step X step training, including videos along with downloadable checklists that you can use to keep track of your progress. 


We spare you the techie stuff, which to many people, can be overwhelming. Instead, we start with the simple stuff, ensuring that you accomplish some quick wins, and ensure that you acheive the results you're hoping for. 

"Derick's strategies are not only effective but sustainable, ensuring consistent growth and engagement. His webinars are packed with valuable tips and insights that have proven to be game-changers for many businesses."

Rhonda Sher

The LinkedIn Diva

"It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with Derick. We met via LinkedIn and our work transfers beyond! Derick's coaching is full of wisdom and I truly feel fortunate to have had many sessions with him. Thank you Derick"

Devina Kaur

Radio Host & Producer

Secondly: We use real life examples and our support community includes several of the top performers on LinkedIn, including people at the 100K + level and even higher!

However, follower counts are not everything and there are other areas of LinkedIn for business you can use, even when you haven't grown your connections or followers. We'll show you how...   

Thirdly: LinkedIn is a valuable tool for the growth of your business, especially, when you start thinking about it as the world's largest database of businesses, their owners and their employees. 


Imagine using such a database to expand your business into markets that until now to you, have remained proviously untapped!


We'll show you how to position both you and your business as a respected authority in your area of expertise, as the preferred choise of others were people go to get the answers to their questions and the solutions they're looking for. How to find more decision makers who are looking for the services and solutions that you and your business provide.    

"It has been a pleasure working with Derick, and I endorse him for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn skills. His expertise and guidance have improved our team's LinkedIn proficiency. Derick possesses in-depth knowledge of the platform, delivers engaging training sessions, and provides ongoing support."

Nelli Hiirikoski

HR - Cadmatic

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn for business coach, and creator of the Linked into More Business courses.

Hello, I'm Derick!

Welcome to Results Formula and Linked into More Business. 

We specialize in LinkedIn for business coaching, courses, and programs specifically developed to guide you through using LinkedIn, the world's largets database of businesses, their owners and their employees to build, grow and even scale your business.   

Too many LinkedIn courses miss the point on clearly showing you how to use LinkedIn to build your business. When you're able to see just how to apply our LinkedIn coaching to your business, you'll gain a better perspective and what to apply to ensure you accomplish your objectives fast. 

The truth is, if your not proactively learning and improving your outcomes, then you're risking falling behind. That's why we're passionate about lifelong learning. Our approach to teaching is fresh and vibrant, you know you're in the righjt place to improve your LinkedIn for business skills, and apply the knowledge you need, the tested and proven strategies to build, grow and scale your business both locally and internationally for the long term. 

Lile to learn more? Take a look at our latest LinkedIn for Business Masterclass here

Let's get Linked Into More Business together!

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