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LinkedIn for Business
coaching, training & courses.

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Linked Into More Business Online Course
including 1 Year Support

Linked Into More Business
Online Course 
& Networking Community

Linked Into More Business 
& 3 Day Accelerator Bootcamp

Linked Into More Business 
& Premium Coaching

& Q & A

Linked Into More Business
& Platinum Coaching

& Support

& Done For You

LinkedIn for Business  Coaching & Training 
for Your Team
& Support

Why Choose LinkedIn for Business!

Results Formula offers a range of LinkedIn for business business courses and coaching options, to help you with the knowledge and support to build, grow and scale your business using the worlds No 1, B2B platform.


Discover how to use LinkedIn for your business to build a strong personal brand, and connect with relevant industry professionals. Leverage the platform to showcase your expertise, network with potential clients, and generate leads. 

Benefits of our LinkedIn for Business courses.

  • Entrepreneurial Growth: For business owners and entrepreneurs, our LinkedIn for business courses provide valuable insights into areas essential for business success on LinkedIn. Including profile set up and optimization, types of content to use, more efficient outreach, lead generation, and strategies to build, grow and scale your businesses much more effectively.

  • Improved Brand Positioning: More effective use of LinkedIn helps to build and strengthen the positioning of your company brand. Your sales team can learn to create brand consistant profiles and share valuable content that positions your business as a highly respected thought leader in your industry.

  • Improved Social Selling Skills: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for social selling for businesses. But there is a right and a wrong way to sell on LinkedIn. Once you know how, it's easy to use the right social selling strategies to boost your sales. Our LinkedIn for business coaching will help you and your sales team to develop and refine their social selling skills, enabling them to engage with prospects more effectively, leading to increased opportunites for your business. 

  • Lead Generation: Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to generate a more consistent stream of higher-quality leads for your business from prospects interested in what you have to offer, leading to increased opportunities and potential clients for your business.

  • Networking Opportunities: LinkedIn is the world's No. 1 B2B professional network. You and your sales team can connect with industry peers, potential clients, and decision-makers. Our coaching and training can help you and your team build on that all important ‘know, like and trust factor’. Your team will benefit from increased reach, leading to better conversations with prospects, as well as potential sales and collaboration opportunities. 

  • Cost-Efficient In House Coaching: In-house LinkedIn for business coaching and training, along with our service and support is a cost-effective alternative to trying to figure it all out on your own! 

  • On-Demand Learning: Our LinkedIn for Business courses are available 24/7. So you can access the course  content when you need it most. This is particularly beneficial for professionals who want to address specific challenges or questions about LinkedIn as they arise.

  • Self-Paced Learning: You can choose your own pace to apply and complete our LinkedIn for business courses. Self-paced learning that suits the busy work schedules of the business professionals of today!

In summary, LinkedIn for Business courses offer a cost-effective, flexible, and easily accessible way to enhance LinkedIn skills, build, grow and scale your business by expanding into larger markets from highly targeted lead generation. Whether you are a solopreneur, an SME looking to expand your knowledge or an organization seeking to expand with proven sustainable strategies. Our LinkedIn for business courses provide valuable opportunities for learning and professional growth.

Why Enroll in Our Programs?

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What Others Say!

Jerin Hossain, recommendation for Derick Mildred's LinkedIn training for business coaching.

'As a LinkedIn influencer with over 880K Followers, I know LinkedIn well, but when I have any questions about LinkedIn, particularly for business, Derick is the one I ask, he knows more about using LinkedIn for business than anybody else I know. He also helped me focus my intensions and not to worry too much about others! Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the last few years Derick."

Jerin Hossain

LinkedIn Influencer, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman


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