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Linked Into More Business
& Premium Weekly Coaching incl Q & A

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Image of Linked into More Business Premium, weekly LinkedIn training for business by Derick Mildred.
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Linked Into More Business - Premium -

& Membership to Our Networking Community
incl 1 Year Service & Support.

  • 1 Year full access to the complete Linked Into More Business online course

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  • 48 Weeks of LinkedIn for Business Group Coaching via Zoom.

  • In-depth Q & A at the End of the Weekly LinkedIn for Business Coaching sessions.
  • Access to Replays of Premium Weekly LinkedIn for Business Coaching Sessions.
  • Membership to our International Networking Community. 
  • Membership to our Private Members Only Support Group.
  • Access to All 5 Bonuses.
  • 1 Year Service & Support.

LinkedIn to More Business Premium consists of the unrestricted access to the entire LinkedIn into More Business online course & weekly coaching sessions via Zoom.


Offering a comprehensive learning experience tailored to help you and your business achieve consistent results on LinkedIn.

Linked Into More Business Premium provides

  • Indepth Live Weekly Coaching Sessions via Zoom: These live zoom sessions provide you with indepth knowledge of the relevant areas of LinkedIn to use to build, grow and scale your businesss. You'll receive personalized guidance, Q & A and receive real-time feedback from experienced instructors.

  • Access to Replays of the Weekly Coaching Sessions: Our weekly coaching sessions via Zoom are recoded and access to the replays will be provided to you. You will also have access to a vault of previous sessions alowing you to go over and apply any of the sessions you may have missed previously.

  • Membership to our International Networking Community: You will be ableo to join a community of like-minded business professionals, gain access to people in business who share similar goals and benefit from supportive connections and potential collaborations and business opportunities.

  • Strategic LinkedIn Mastery: You will gain a deep understanding of how to strategically leverage LinkedIn for business growth. This includes optimizing your profile, creating compelling content that adds value and generates increased interest from your audience, and applying advanced networking techniques.

  • Enhanced Visibility: You will gain insights into how to increase one's visibility on the platform, particularly, by more people fin your specific target audience. You will learn how to boost your LinkedIn profile's visibility in the search results and attract a wider audience, including prospects, potential clients and partners.

  • Lead Generation: With a focus on generating high-quality leads for your business, the course equips you with with proven strategies for identifying and connecting with prospects. You will learn effective outreach tactics to turn connections into valuable business relationships.

  • Content Creation: LinkedIn is a content-driven platform. The course will help you to develop your content creation skills. You will learn how to create more engaging posts, articles, and videos that resonate with your target audience, establishing you as a respected 'authority' and thought leader in your industry.

  • Sales Navigator: Discover why the most effective users of LinkedIn for business describe Sales Navigator as the best feature of the platform. You will learn how to use it more effectively for improved lead targeting, enhanced relationship building, and increased sales opportunities through better prospecting.

  • Networking Strategies: Effective networking is a core component of achieving success on LinkedIn for your business. The course will teach you how to establish, build and nurture professional relationships within your network, including strategies for engaging with connections and groups.

  • Personal Branding: You will learn how to more effectively and more professionally present your personal and professional brand on LinkedIn. This involves developing your online presence to align with your professional goals and values.​

In summary, the "LinkedIn to More Business" Premium course with weekly coaching sessions via Zoom offers a holistic approach to LinkedIn mastery. Focused on strategic growth, lead generation, personal branding, and networking. Live weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom enhances the learning experience and provides a pathway to consistent results on LinkedIn, making it a valuable investment for professionals looking to leverage the platform to build, grow and scale their business.

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