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How to use LinkedIn for business, reach wider target audiences, build relationships and make appointments without selling!

Learn how to use LinkedIn for business, to reach a wider target audience, connect with more of the right people, build relationships that convert into lasting business and even get referrals.

Including how to

  • Position yourself as an 'authority' within your industry, 

  • Tap into larger target markets,

  • Find new prospects and 'connect the right way',

  • Build stronger business relationships,

  • Generate more qualified appointments, 

  • Increase your sales,

  • Get more endorsements & recommendations,

  • Position yourself as the 'professional' choice of others to refer people to you.

It's easy to apply our tested and proven methods to build your business utilising the world's largest database of businesses, that's LinkedIn...

Focused on Key Areas Essential to Business Growth.

How to use Linkedin

Have you ever wondered how people very effectively use LinkedIn to make apointments? 

Suitable for

  • CEO's

  • Consultants

  • Directors 

  • Executives 

  • Sales Managers

  • & Sales Teams. 

Linkedin for Sales

Optimize your profile, expand your target market, connect with more of the right people, increase referrals and make appointments.

Suitable for

  • Consultants

  • Solopreneurs

  • SME's

  • Managers

  • Executives

  • Sales Professionals.

Linkedin for Business

Save time, we'll do all the hard work for you, incl positioning you as an industry authority, increasing your connections, building relationships that convert. 

Suitable for

  • CEO's

  • Consultants

  • Directors

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Executives

  • Sales Managers & Sales Teams. 

Discover How to Use LinkedIn to

Influence & Inform

Position yourself an an industry authority to strengthen your Influence towards your target audience / target market.

Build Relationships that Convert

Find prospects then establish, build and nurture them into clients for the longer term, plus increase referrals back to you. 

Make Appointments the Right Way

Generate appointments without selling with a simple 'permission based marketing strategy that works across many different industries.

Like to Know More!

Interested in Learning More About

How to Use LinkedIn for Business Growth? 

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LinkedIn online course for business owners, business developers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, & sales teams.

  •  Develop & Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Increase your connections.

  • Find & Connect with your target market.

  • Increase your profile views.

  • Build relationships that convert into appointments.

  • What to post.

  • Position yourself & your brand as an authority within your industry.

  • Target the most sought after clients within your target market.

  • Generate referrals.

  • Join our support community.

  • Be part of a mastermind to keep you on track towards achieving your objectives.


'Derick Mildred is brilliant when it comes to LinkedIn and websites. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and truly a man of his word. His knowledge of how LinkedIn works and how to optimize this platform is absolutely stellar. He understands his clients and is generous in sharing his time and skills. If I have ever a questions about LinkedIn or need a resource, Derick is my go-to guy. Thank you for all you do.'

Rhonda Sher. 

The LinkedIn Diva.

California, USA.

LinkedIn Outreach Campaign Results

LinkedIn Appointment Generation Campaign 1 Results - (29 Appointments in 28 Days)

LinkedIn Appointment Generation Campaign 2 Results - (26 Appointments in 37 Days)

Meet Derick

Derick Mildred, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer,

Author, Business Owner, Consultant & Coach, Seminar Presenter, Web Designer, Martial Artist.


Originally started on LinkedIn back on 2004, did nothing with it for 10 years and then seriously got started with it in 2013. To Read More Click Here.



28,000 + Personal Profile Connections & Followers.

30,000 + Skills Endorsements.

200 + Recommendations in writing.


Company Pages:

23,000 + Followers of Update Your LinkedIn Profile.

3,600 + Followers of Linked Into More Business.

1,500 + Followers of Results Formula.



Text Only – Regularly achieve 500 – 1,000 + Views

Image/Text – Regularly achieve 1,000 – 5,000 + Views

Video – Regularly achieve 1,000 – 10,000 + Views

Documents – Regularly achieve 5,000 + Views

Total Content Views in 2020 = 1,000,000 +

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Get the best advice from successful entrepreneurs who have already achieved results on LinkedIn. 

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