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Are You Using LinkedIn for Business,
to Build, Grow and Scale?

 - Search - Connect - Interact - Convert - 

FREE LinkedIn for Business Masterclass

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Get the latest inside tips on how to use LinkedIn, the world's No 1 social media network for professionals to build, grow and scale your business.

LinkedIn, the world's largest database
of businesses, their owners and their employees

at your fingertips.

Discover how to use LinkedIn to build, grow and scale your business, to reach more of your target audience, connect with more of the right people, start conversations, build relationships that convert into sales, long term business relationships and increased referrals.

Including how to

  • Position yourself as an 'authority' within your industry, 

  • Tap into larger target markets,

  • Find new prospects and 'connect the right way',

  • Build stronger business relationships,

  • Generate more qualified appointments, 

  • Increase your sales,

  • Get more endorsements & recommendations,

  • Position yourself as the 'professional' choice of others to refer people to you.

All our LinkedIn for business strategies our tested and proven to deliver results and help you to build, grow and scale your business utilising the world's largest database of businesses, LinkedIn...

What Others Say

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"Derick constantly amazes me with his insight and original approaches to LinkedIn strategy and application for business. He is open, willing to give advice, and well respected within the LinkedIn community. Derick leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication to both brand building and position for business as well as his industry insights extremely valuable. The success he has achieved personally and professionally shows his extensive knowledge and dedication. I highly recommend Derick, follow him today.”

Anthony J James – LinkedIn Top Voice & Influencer.

(No 1 in Australia with over 3.5 Million Followers)

Discover how to Use LinkedIn for Business,
Focused on Key Areas Essential to Business Growth.

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Build & Position Your Brand.

Position yourself an a respected authority in your industry, strengthen the positioning of both you and your brand with increased Influence in you by your target audience or target market.

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Establish Relationships that Convert.

Search for, find and connect with more suitable prospects, then establish, build and nurture the professional relationship into conversations that convert into clients for the longer term, plus increase referrals back to you. 

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Book More Appointments with You!

Generate appointments without selling with a simple and proven 'permission based marketing strategy that delivers better conversations. 

25 - 30 and more appointments per month. 

See below.

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LinkedIn Insider Secrets Exposed!

7 Critical Steps You Must Know Before

You Build, Grow & Scale Your Business with LinkedIn, even when you don't know where to start!

(No: 4 Will Blow Your Mind!)

You'll discover 

What everyone ought to know about using LinkedIn for

  • Networking,

  • Brand Building,

  • Thought Leadership,

  • Lead generation,

  • Market Insights, Partnerships and Collaborations, 

  • Reputation Management,

  • Social Media Checklist,

  • 30 Tips in 30 Days,

  • And much much more!

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Meet Derick

First signed up to LinkedIn Oct 7 / 2004. 


LinkedIn Profile:

72,000 + Connections & Followers.

30,000 + Skills Endorsements.

300 + Recommendations in writing.


Company Pages:

24,000 + Followers of Update Your LinkedIn Profile.

3,700 + Followers of Linked Into More Business.

1,700 + Followers of Results Formula.



LinkedIn Rockstar 3 X Top 3 / 75 LinkedIn Trainers

Founder of The LinkedIn Global Influencer Summit. 

Author of My List of 146 Influencer & Tops Voices of LinkedIn.

Author of My List of 160 Rising stars and Future influencers of LinkedIn.

Total Content Views  = 25,000,000 +

Like to Know More

Interested in Learning More About 
How to Use LinkedIn for business to Build, Grow & Scale? 

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