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Welcome to Linked Into More Business.

You will find this course is very comprehensive, it has been developed from proven strategies used to achieve actual results, and has been specifically designed to be one of the best courses on how to use LinkedIn for business available online today.

Once you discover the potential of LinkedIn, it can literally be a 'game changer' for you and your business, the key is to apply what you learn and to remember like anything rewarding in life,  that LinkedIn does require some effort and input on your part!

With effort comes rewards including 'inbound' messages and conversations, some of which will be genuine enquiries for you and your business from people interested in your services and how you can help them.

As time goes by and you receive more and more enquiries in your LinkedIn inbox, you'll realise when you do receive inbound inquiries, some of them will convert into the easiest business you will have ever done! 

Congratulations on commencing your rewarding journey into the opportunity that is LinkedIn. 

A Welcome Message from Derick Mildred

LinkedIn for Business Course Modules

Includes Over 60
Easy to Follow 'How To' style formatted Training Videos.

Linked Into More Business Online Course & Support


The Linked Into More Business course offers a comprehensive LinkedIn for business curriculum, equipping you with tested and proven strategies to maximize your presence and results on the LinkedIn platform. Throughout over 2 hours of content, you'll learn about; ● Setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, including SEO, recognizing LinkedIn's role as a powerful search engine in its own right. ● Establishing and positioning both you and your professional brand more effectively to attract and engage more of your target audience. ● Creating and sharing content that adds value, increases audience interest, and boosts engagement. ● Generating appointments and increasing sales through strategic networking and outreach efforts. ● Building, growing, and scaling your business by leveraging LinkedIn for business, the world's largest and number one B2B network. These strategies are presented in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, ensuring accessibility and practicality for learners of all levels. By following these proven strategies, you'll be equipped to harness the full potential of LinkedIn for your business success.


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Interact and share ideas with like minded people who are all interested in improving their results from LinkedIn. 

When you apply to join the Linked Into More Business Facebook Support group, your membership is included in your course, however memberships are not automatically approved, this is done manually, please allow upto 48 hours for your membership to be processed. Thank You...

All of these strategies have been thoroughly tested and proven over several years, they will achieve genuine results for you just as they have done for many others. 

The only secret is


It's Action 
that Leads to
Your LinkedIn for business, author, coach, trainer & host 
Derick Mildred
  • Originally became a LinkedIn member in October 2004. 

  • However, did very little with it for approximately 10 years.

  • Then heard LinkedIn described as the business or professional version of 'Facebook' and got started. 

  • In 2014 had 208 Connections. 

  • By 2015 had 1600 connections. 

  • By 2016 had 4,500 connections. 

  • In 2017 added over 10,000 connections. 

  • Currently with over 80,000 Connections & Followers.

  • Over 320 Recommendations & 30,000+ Skills Endorsements. 

  • Author of the LinkedIn for Business Newsletter with over 26K subscribers.

  • SSI average between 84 - 87%

  • Top 1 - 2 % Industry SSI Rank. 

  • Has regularly published posts that have achieved over 1,000 views. 

  • His Content achieved over 1 Million views in 2020.

  • In 2021, his Content achieved over 8.5 Million views.

  • In 2022, his content achieved over 25 Million views.

  • LinkedIn Rockstar 3 X Top 3/75 - on Brenda Meller's LinkedIn Rockstar list for LinkedIn Trainers.

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*** Disclaimer:

'Results Formula' and or 'Linked Into More Business' are not associated with Linkedin, Microsoft or any of their associated companies or entities.

We have no official affiliation and are completely independent from the LinkedIn Corporation. ***

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