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What People Say About Derick's LinkedIn Messages

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I see LinkedIn as a valuable communication tool, extremely useful in getting the conversation started. 

The Linked Into More Business course includes a chapter called 

'Over 50 Conversation Triggers' that you can use to break the ice and get the conversation started.


Below are just some of the comments that connections have replied to me after receiving a one of my messages. 

These are just some of the comments from connections after they received one of my messages. 


Thank you

What a beautiful message Derick - certainly just added to the joy of my new position. Wishing you all the best also.

Michael G

Thanks! That is one of the best attention getting responses I have ever seen.

Rob R

Thank you very much for your taking the time out of your day and sending me a truly original message. It is a pleasure to receive such kind words on my birthday. Furthermore, I appreciate you networking with me on Linked In. Lastly, I extend my assistance to you if I can be of service.

Best Regards, Jesse A.

Derick - I cant tell you how much fortunate i am to the Almighty because of loving people like you in this globe. This was one of the best wishes i have received so far, The world exists because of such sweet people like you. I am really thankful for reaching out to me and being a part of your esteemed network. God Be with you and your loved ones. If you happen to come to India. Please ensure to give me a call without fail. Thank you once again Derick. this was simply very special.   Thank you

Herald M

I thank you for your greatest wishes Derick!

Claudio Di S


Thanks so much you sang this beautifully lol

Nicole S


Awwwwwww, thank you 😊

Christian T


Nice one Derick!

Marshall B

You are a professional great to connect with you on Linkedin!

-Mike H


Hi Derick, Many thanks for the wishes.

Best regards, Jonas R.

Hey Derick, thanks for the awesome wishes. Hope u have a great day ahead :)

Gajendraprasath N


You've got an interesting LinkedIn page - I look forward to your posts, too. Thanks!

Mike M


Thanks Derick - appreciate the thought. Cheers,

David W

Awww thankyou so much Derick. That was very melodious and appreciated 😊

Rachel J

Hey Derick, thank you for such a warm welcome and more humane personalized greeting. Lets catch up Some time soon. Take care.

Naveed K

Thanks Derick. The best Happy Birthday message by far have an awesome day.

Suzanna A


Greetings Derick, I would like to give you a belated welcome to my network. I always enjoy connecting with people from around the world who have interesting experience and backgrounds. Not only do I find your experience interesting- but your presentation on LinkedIn is quite unique! Welcome again.

Best regards, Joe R

Hi Derick, Thank you for the birthday message/song. I appreciate that you took time out of your day to wish me. If you're in Sydney let's catch up for coffee at some point in the coming weeks. Have a wonderful day ahead and I look forward to staying in touch.

Kind Regards, Neil B

Hi Derick Thank you for your kind message . I am very pleased to connect with you and was really thinking I may need your help shortly. Will get back to you and wish you all the best Nadia M


Thanks so much, best Bday email ever.. I'll be referring you to everyone

Paul M


Thanks Derick. It certainly is the best birthday greetings I have ever received. I think your singing is just fine.

Fang D


Sorry for my delayed response - I have been on vacation. I hope we can work together in some capacity in the near future. Have a great day!

Regards Paul M


Hi Derick, Thanks for the invite and happy to connect and expand my network!

Best regards, Rudy N


Hi Derick, Thank you so much, now that you have made me famous :) . I'll definitely check up the link in a while, and yes I am having an awesome day so far, you too ave a great day ahead.

Regards, Ashish C


Derick, you've made my day! Thanks for putting a smile on my face at such a hectic time of the year! Have a great weekend :-)

Kind regards, David F


Thanks mate. Too funny :) 

David S

Thank you Derick, yes I have been celebrating with family and friends. Hope you have been well too.

Serene C


Super thanks for your thoughtful BD greeting message!!!

Cheers, Ahmed A


Thanks for your kind words Derick! Much appreciated! 

Odingo B


Derek! Awesome Linkedin profile! Do you work with US based small companies?

Rick H


Thank you 😃 this is wonderful

Jeffrey P


Thanks Derick for the message. In my head your voice sounds just like Andrea Bocelli!!! so it is the best rendition ever! thanks for the well wishes.

Allan L


Derek what a lovely message thanks so much for your message and kind words I wish you every success too.

Nikki C


I clicked on your website ... WOW so impressive I will figure out a way to improve my website Derick (sorry I misspelt your name before) and may contact you soon. Best regards Nikki C


He Derick, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll bookmark your contact for the future. 

O.M. A


Hi Derick, Many thanks for your kind thoughts!

Derek B


Hehehehe! Thanks very much.

Robert W


Thanks, Derick! Appreciate the thought. Slainte! 

Grant P


Ah, it definitely brightened up my day! To be honest, I forgot all about it but I'm taking that as a good sign, however, due to how busy I am so thank you for your kind words and I wish you all the best for the future. 

Douglas J


Thanks Derek yes it was an awesome day I hope all is well with you.

Clint B


Thanks Derek love your posts. Keep it up. Not sure of direction ATM so like many just treading water. Will be in touch when I know the exact direction I want to take. 👍 Damian P


Thank you so much for your thoughtful wishes. You made my day.

Regards, Earnest K N


Thanks for your kind words - very much appreciated - hope your well…

Darren H


Thanks Derick Have a great Friday and weekend!

Cheers Jordan P


Hey Derick - Thank you for the personalized invite and a warm note to get connected. I see why you and your firm is enjoying such great success, kudos! I will absolutely take you up on the offer at the right time. In the meantime, consider the gesture to be mutual. Wishing you continued great success in all of your endeavors, present, and future. best, Bharat


Thank you Derek!!! I really appreciate it 😊 

Kimone N


Hey Derick, It is a pleasure to connect. Liked your page a lot. Seems like your doing fantastic work. If I can be of professional assistance to you in anyway let me know. Best, Adam G


Thanks for the connection Derik. I love the colorful use of the emojis.

Stanley L


Thank you very much! Your singing voice was astounding!

Vanessa M


Quite the profile BTW, well done! 

Jeroen JR R


Thank you very much Derick. Your message has certainly brightened my day.

Rosario L C


Awesome message...thanks Derick …

George K

Hi Derick, Thank for the complement, your profile is very impressive. It's always good to connect & thanks for the invite.

Jonathan S


Thanks Derick. .. I appreciate the wishes.

Peter S


Thank you very much, Derick.

Emilio Jesús Pérez G


Thanks Derick, much appreciated!

Guy S


Cheers Derick appreciate your effort.

Matt H


Much love thank you!!

Hank (Hoa) H


Thank you, Derick! The good part about imagination is I can imagine that you have a beautiful voice! ☺️

David R


Hi Derick, Thank you so much. I think I could learn a lot from you regarding how to use LinkedIn optimally. I will start following you more actively and learn from your posts. Please keep up the work you are doing as I find it precious for my learning. If you ever happen to be in Beijing then it would be great to grab a coffee, thanks.  Kamran R


Thank you very much, Derick. I appreciate it. BTW I want to listen to your voice singing that, it must be better than mine... Lol 

Azher M


You are really great with Linkedin and exposure. 

Robin B


Thanks mate, Will be in touch for sure. Let me settle down with the whole process & then I'll start exploring some more options.

Gagan P


Wow Derick, thats' impressive!! Let me have a look and I'll get back to you!! 

Peter A M


Thank you for heartfelt wishes from the bottom of my heart! 

Mukesh K S


Thank you Derick! Much appreciated! 

Chris M


Hi Derick, Thanks for your warm welcome. I'll check better your profile when back from holidays, smartphones are not good enough as PCs yet, not for me.

You've the greatest skill rank I've ever seen. I put your name on my to-do list for when I'm back to my workplace in Madrid. Cheers!

Alfonso Toribio C


Thanks Derick, appreciate the very personalised message (what a voice you have!!). Not doing anything at the moment on the web, but will consider you as and when we do :)  Lee D


Derick Thanks a lot for your congrats, I received a lot of them, but yours is a very special one, let me take a look on your website it sounds great at first sight but I'll take a deep look in to it and maybe we could make some business together !!! Kind Regards PD. You make my day. 

Augustin T


Amazing . Thank you very much for your kind words and song . 👏👏👏👏😁 

Dr Cherian T


Thank you so much Derick for your touching message and congrats! Yes enjoying the bank holiday and spending this day celebrating with my family and close friends! Yes your message definitely has brightened up my day! We need a world filled with people like you Derick!  

Anastasia D


Thank you Derick, much appreciated! 👌 

Edward F


Thank you for your thoughtful birthday wishes! 

Simone W


Ha! You are too kind and an excellent singer!! Thank you! 

Robert S


Thanks Derick, I appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed birthday message. I especially liked the singing, and I did picture your singing. Thanks again Derick.

Sam S

That was terrific Derick an thank you so much :) Hope you have a terrific week ahead! 

Marcus L


Thanks for taking the time to write Derick. Very impressive LinkedIn profile! 

Best Deborah D’A


Hello Derick, Many thanks for your good wishes. I imagined your voice as a richl bass baritone so 'allgood'.

Regards, Ken M


Ha!! Thanks very much for the kind words and mail Derick.

Paul L


Hi Derick, Thank you very much for the GREAT congratulations message.

Kind regards. Rojda A


Many thanks Derick for your kind wishes and for your gift :)

Much obliged  Asaad M


Dear Derick, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday. I hope you had a great day too. Let's keep in touch.

Kind Regards, Marisa V M

Hahaha! It's the first time someone has 'virtually' sung me Happy Birthday on LinkedIn so thanks for being the 1st!!! Thanks Derick, I really appreciate your Birthday wishes : Jeff Y


Hahahahaha gee thanks Derick this made my day.

Cheers  Zac H


Haha! Thank you for that stirring rendition of the birthday song Derick! Much appreciated! 😁 

Bronwyn D


Thank you Derick. I can really imagine you singing it and you have absolutely stunning voice :) Your wishes are truly appreciated.

Zaid A.

Derrick: Thank you for taking a moment to wish me a happy birthday today. The song was great! Your thoughtfulness added to a most wonderful day.

-Ray T


Thanks Derick, I've received many automated messages but you have make it personal to me and I really appreciate that you took the time out for this. thanks I'll definitely look over this report and if possible also provide you feedback. Thanks again.

Ray G


Wow! I am so grateful for your kind wishes.

Doug B


Thanks a lot Derick.. you made my day And I can imagine you singing. 

Pratibha S


Hi Derick,

Thank you very much for inviting me to join your network and I warmly welcome you to my network as well. Your LinkedIn profile is amazing! I certainly will download the emojis and icons from your profile, thank you so much for making them available for your connections.

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you as well.

Have a wonderful week!

Best regards, Sharron P


Thank you, Derick.

I appreciate being remembered. I do hope you will have a fantastic week.

Your message did indeed brighten my day.

I do hope things are going well down under.

Your country is one that I have always wanted to visit. It is still on my bucket list :-).

Best Regards, Sondra S


Thank you so much. This is one of the nicest birthday messages I have received. Hope you are well. 

April S


Thank You Derick for your wonderful birthday wishes!

Ali Reza M

Thanks for the kind wishes Derick, I appreciated the link you sent so have checked it out briefly. Phew....oh for more hours in the day.

Cheers Bill B


I really appreciate your wonderful birthday wishes. You contributed so much in making my special day extra special. Let's keep in touch and explore how we can network together.

Best regards – Stefan B


Derick thanks for the lovely message and sharing this report.

Anand G


Hello Derick Great to connect with you, it is a huge honor, you have a very interesting profile. I look forward to learning more about you and your adventures. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. Have a wonderful weekend.

Marla S


That's wonderful, Derick, thank you so much for that! It is truly special that you contacted me! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Paul O F.


Thank you very much Derick. I love your voice. :)  

Diana A R


Thankyou Derick....How thoughtful of you to send me a message ...and yes it made my day !! Time travels very fast ..but all is well as l hope wirh you . Thanks for the info . ..have a great day !! 

Josaphine S


Thank You for taking the time to acknowledge another milestone on my journey. I really appreciate the best wishes.

Brett S


thanks so much for this delightful message, Derick, and I will check out the website. Have a great day! 

Sandy C


Hello Derick - Thanks for writing - I can see that you understand online marketing very well! Your online services look brilliant to me - unfortunately one of my relationships abused my Credit Card and I am struggling to get out of this jam at present!

All the best meantime – Roger H


Good morning Derrick Mildred, Thank you for the info and the how to for LinkedIn. I am going to change some things on my profile and start implementing and using your information. Have an awesome rest of your day.

Madgie A

Hi Derek! Thank you very much for the message 😊 It was lovely for you to sing happy birthday to me also! Your wishes are much appreciated. Hope you have had a lovely day also.

Regards Kirstie O


Thank you so much for your message. I was really surprised (pleased)! 😃

Tamer A Z


Thank you Derick! I appreciate your kind words and sentiments. This past year has been a blast! I will be sure to check out the report. I hope business is going well for you also.

Regards, Elle M


Thank you very much Derick. I never new you could sing so well. Really appreciate your wishes and yes, I had a great day. Hope all is good with you.

Cheers Neil B


Thank you Derek Loved this message.

Radha A


Very clever :) Thank you and happy birthday to you too!

Phoebe B


Very clever and appreciated, thank you Derick! And for the great information. Please keep in touch.

~Cynthia F M


Thanks for getting in touch Derick, I'll check it out.

Thanks Andrew C

Hi Derick, Of course, thank you for the most polite invite I think I've ever received.

Kind regards, Matthew S


You are awesome. Thank you. I will steal some emojis from you.

Henry R. B


Hi Derick. Wow, what a really lovely and kind gesture. Thank you so much for your well wishes and i hope you have a wonderful day. And hey, i loved the singing too 😅! Much better than mine.

All the best. Ronny S


Thank you my friend! This brought a smile on my face :) Hope all is well on your end.

Mirza J. B


Derick, Thank you so much for the connection. I look forward to reading your posts. I must say your career and profile are extremely impressive. If there is anything I can help you with or you would like to talk about, please don't hesitate, as well.

Best, Tina Marie G


Hi Derick, You are very welcome. I like very much your FREEBIES including Icons, Emojis and LinkedIn Tips. In the meantime, I wish you a fantastic day! All the best! Kind regards. 

George P


You do some beautiful work! I think I just memorized all the websites you have up for perusal Very impressed Please finish mine lol I don’t have the time Let’s chat soon I would really enjoy that! Have a great weekend

Kevin V


Hi Derick, thank you for your message. It certainly did brighten my day up, and is definitely the most colourful LinkedIn message I have ever received. Thanks for taking the time, very responsive. I have downloaded your LinkedIn guide, very interesting read and thank you for that. If you ever intend to run a marketing campaign in the UK, I should be able to help in some capacity then. Have a great day back,

Geraint D


You are the best! Thank you Derick for that wonderful song. Really appreciate it.

Luis C


That's awesome Derick ! Oh wow! How awesome! I really appreciate that. I didn't know that the system already posted it. It's actually tomorrow....which officially makes you the first! 

Tag G


Thanks for your message Derick. That's very nice of you. I had a great day then. Your message definitely brightened up my day.

Best regards Branden S


Aww many thanks Derick... a heartfelt thank you for being so kind and generous in taking time out and wishing me on this occasion which was destined to happen... I truly appreciate you kind gestures.. bless you.. thanks again.

Shine F



Haha 😆

Thank you so very much Derick!

That’s by far the best birthday present I’ve ever received on LinkedIn!

I don’t think that can be beat!

Thank you very very much!

Awesome singing voice!😉

I Really enjoyed the 🇦🇺 accent!

That was too kind! Thank you! I certainly appreciate you taking the time to send the best birthday message ever!

Thank you again!

Cheers mate!


You’re awesome!



My birthday would not be the same without a special wish from you, thank you!

Laura Kristina S

Thank you. Love the personalized message.

F.Kristopher B


Thanks so much Derick for your kind wishes.... it really brightened up my day..

Jim G


Thank you for the Birthday song Derick!! Love the creativity 😀 

Mischa L


Hi Derick, Thanks a lot, that was funny ! Have a great week,

Nicolas P



Derick, of all the congratulatory messages I read this morning, yours has brightened my day most :)

My heartfelt thanks.

It took 3 months (of searching & trying to keep sane) to get here - am hoping it'll be a new start to 2018.

All the best to you!

We'll remain in touch on Linkedin :)

Shamu G


Hi Derick, thanks for this happy congrats note. It sure is one of the most fun to read ;) Thanks and have a joyfull day!

Cheers Kitty E


Hi Derick

Thanks for connecting and your excellent message - and you really have an exciting LI page! 

Mats N


Hi again Derick - Thank You! I was just checking your website and it's impressive - I'm also planning to look closer at your LI page for ideas how to pop (yours is the coolest I've seen!). I'm going to check the free reports on your website for sure. I am currently a 'Pro in Transition', and so looking for job opportunities 100% - as such money is tight and I really appreciate anything that's for free and improves my chances (and knowledge in general). Thank You again!

Mats N


HI Derick, I like very much your profile, congratulations!!! 

Aurilio L


Hi Derick, that has to be one of the sweetest messages yet. Thank you for the birthday wishes x

Katrina T


Your welcome Derick! I enjoyed reading them. There is a lot of good info in your writing... very useful👍 I plan on reading more of it. Thank you! Have a great weekend 🙂 Sabrina C


Thanks very much Derick. You did brighten up my day. 

Cheryl R


Thank-you for your message! Gave me a good giggle this morning :) 

Lobelia P


Thanks awesome message I appreciate it a ton.

Amado Nool M


Thanks Derek, much appreciated! Your singing voice is pretty good!

John Di N


Thanks Derick - love your work.

Corey B


Thanks so much Derrick That's a lovely message

Nicola W


Hi Derick, Thank you for your lovely message. I will look at the link. Happy weekend to you.

Best Gaetano Z


Thank you Derick! It is a priviledge to have a challenging work learning something new every day. Hope you are doing well. Thank you!

Sincerely, Sudhir N


Over 900 endorsements in two areas and so so many in others. You are phenomenal!

Saravjit S


Many thanks, i am deeply touched.....Take care.

Pierre G


Thanks a lot Derick. For your wonderful message I can proudly say that its one of the best wish I have got it through the social networking websites Stay connected. Stay blessed!!

Renny S

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