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LinkedIn - The World's Largest Database of Businesses, their Owners and their Employees.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It was way back on Oct 7 2004 when I first opened up my Acc on LinkedIn, although admittedly, I did very little with it until 2013 when a friend of mine told me that she had heard LinkedIn described as the 'professional' or 'business' version' of Facebook!

Naturally, this got my attention and I thought to myself, maybe I better have another look at LinkedIn, so I managed to find my old original login details and logged in to discover I had just 207 connections, little did I know that this was the point where my LinkedIn journey would begin.

At the time and for the next 6 years, I was designing and building websites for clients all over Australia, most of which I had never physically met, over 95% of my business was done via either a phone call, a skype or a Zoom call and almost all of my clients approached me as a results of what I was doing on LinkedIn.

You may be wondering!

"So what was I actually doing on LinkedIn to generate enough business to last me for 6 years?"


All I did was regularly write and publish articles, regularly post and the most important part, I never tried to sell websites or SEO to anybody on LinkedIn.

Instead I focused on establishing and building or professional relationships with my audience. Then taking the conversation to the next level and away from LinkedIn, being a phone call, Zoom call etc.

During the conversation with my prospect, I would ask them what they were looking for in a website, did they know of other websites they liked the look of and were looking for something similar, what kind of budget did they expect to spend and timeframes etc?

Importantly, I guaranteed that I would make sure their new website would rank on page 1 on google, this took extra work, but was delivered on for every client, then the referrals started to come in, also via LinkedIn.

The interesting part was the business I did with people via LinkedIn was the easiest business I had ever done, it was almost as if their mind was already made up that I was the web designer they were looking for before they got onto the call with me, provided my pricing was within their expected price range.

Somebody recently asked me, "What is the biggest lesson that you've learned from your experience with LinkedIn?"

Great question I thought!

My answer:

"To me, LinkedIn may be the world's largest database of businesses, their owners and their employees, to me it's also a tool to use to get the conversation started, and an amazing tool it is at that!"

Key Takeaways.

  • LinkedIn is a huge database of businesses, owners and employees.

  • Regularly post content.

  • Don't ever sell on LinkedIn, it's too early in the conversation!

  • Instead, take the conversation to the next level and away from LinkedIn.

  • Try to focus on building relationships.

  • You are your brand so position and present yourself and your business or services well.

  • Don't ever give up, especially now because LinkedIn is experiencing phenomenal growth.

  • Finally, just get started and believe if other people can do it then so can you!

About Derick Mildred

As a Social Media coach and the founder of Results Formula, since Oct 2015 Derick has been showing clients how to

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  • Take the conversation to the next level without selling.

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