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Linked Into More Business - Online LinkedIn course.

Why did I just spend 2 years building a course on how to use LinkedIn?

Because sometimes LinkedIn can be a challenge to understand and I wanted to give people the best opportunity available to learn how to use this amazing platform.

Way back in 2004, when I first set up my LinkedIn Acc, like some of us back then, I did very little with it for many years, then in 2014, a friend described LinkedIn to me as ‘the professional or business version of Facebook’, this comment really had my attention, and I thought to myself, maybe I should have another look at this network called LinkedIn.

I managed to find my original log in details and accessed my LinkedIn Acc to find that I had just 208 connections, admittedly at that time I knew very little about LinkedIn or what to do, so I got started and set about learning what worked and what didn’t work, I connected with and watched people who were doing well, while learning along the way, many times I would experience the feeling of sheer frustration and the lows that go with it only to be followed by the highs of jubilation when I figured out methods that achieved the results I was looking for. 

LinkedIn was now working for me, but the journey to this point had its moments, let me tell you, this may even sound familiar to you.

Good progress was being made and 

  • By the end of 2015 my network had grown to 1,900 1st level connections.

  • By the end of 2016 my 1st level connections had grown to 5,000 and I was ranked in the top 2% for profile views.

Then in 2017,

  • Added 10,000 new 1st level connections,

  • Achieved over 2,200 profile views over a 90-day period,

  • Reached over 1,300 weekly search appearances,

  • SSI regularly ranked between 81 – 84%

In 2018

  • Reached over 4,600 search appearances in a week,

  • Published a post that achieved 146,000 + views, over 800 comments and over 170 likes.

While these statistics may seem impressive, without a doubt, the best part was when enquiries and leads would come in!

It’s a great feeling to get up in the morning, boot up the PC, log into LinkedIn and see genuine enquiries or leads, just waiting there inside your Inbox. People interested in my services awaiting a quick reply from me to discuss further how I could help or be of service to them.

To this very day, I remember the 1st ever enquiry or lead that arrived in my LinkedIn Inbox, how easy it was to set up a call, then set up a meeting which turned into a deal for $3,500 website. It felt like the easiest business I had ever done, and it was!

Now I knew how to generate ‘inbound’ leads that was also scalable. 

No more mail outs, no more cold calling, the end of being ‘hung up on’ just for following up a letter I’d sent out previously. Sound familiar!

More and more enquiries were coming in and the size of my network was continuing to grow.

By now I was regularly posting, writing articles and interacting with some great people. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect with and establish genuine friendships with some truly amazing people from all over the world, without even getting on a plane!

It never ceases to amaze me how many friendships I have with people who I’ve spoken to several times on Skype or Zoom, people who I’ve never actually physically met, yet we’re great friends to this day, this is a good example of the power of LinkedIn!

It’s interesting that LinkedIn is actually the world’s largest database of businesses and the people that either work for or who operate those businesses, but it’s a lot more than that, LinkedIn provided the ability to find and connect with some of the best people in their respective fields in the world today.

As a result of my own challenges and experiences with LinkedIn over the years, 18 months ago I decided to build an online course called

Linked Into More Business.

The course includes 6 Modules containing over 50 step x Step training videos and is designed to show people how to

  • Completely set up their profile so it achieves the coveted ‘All Star’ ranking.

  • Optimize their LinkedIn profile so it ranks higher in the LinkedIn search results.

  • How to establish, build and nurture the relationship.

  • 15 different ways to Add connections.

  • Over 50 different conversation triggers.

  • Over 30 different ways to increase profile views.

  • What to Post.

  • How to use LinkedIn Search.

  • Lead Generation.

  • Follow Up.

  • Slideshare.

  • Premium Vs Sales Navigator.

  • Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers.

  • + an actual system for generating Referrals on LinkedIn.

  • Tools to Use.

  • & much more.

There are a few people who I would like to sincerely say 'Thank You' to.

Paul Gardner AM, An Australian entrepreneur, advertising & marketing wiz who really knows his craft and will always be a valued mentor of mine.

Tania Taylor, who was the one who got me started down this road by describing LinkedIn the way she had heard it described all those years ago.

Jane Anderson CSP, who was one of the 1st people I started to watch, follow and learn from, when it comes to ‘branding’ and everything it entails, she is without a doubt one of the best.

Neil Baker, who has always been a valued and respected source of knowledge related to the finance and credit industry.

Adam Houlahan, highly respected authority on LinkedIn and who welcomed me into his private members group and has always answered my questions and queries.

Jean-Michel Tournier, the French rocket scientist from Dallas! A genius at thinking outside of the box and marketing combined, what a combination!

Rhonda Sher, who has the patience of a saint and has always been there to discuss and bounce ideas off etc.

Chris J 'Mohawk' Reed, one of the world’s leading authorities on LinkedIn and a pleasure to be connected to.

John North, author and publisher who I will soon collaborate with on my 1st of several books.

Cory Warfield, serial entrepreneur and one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Joy McAdams, inspirational businesswoman, married mother of 5 and marathon runner who also posts amazing videos on LinkedIn.

Lynne Williams, passionate about helping job seekers and veterans to get ahead. 

& last and most importantly Darren Scherger for all his patience, support and help over the years, words cannot express how truly grateful I am to you, you’re one in a million. 

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