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How to Deal with Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers....

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

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LinkedIn Tip No 23 - How to Deal with Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers....

Hi Everybody.

You know the feeling when you get the message in your inbox or when somebody tries to 'Hijack' your post by sharing their link promoting their latest offering!


You get that message from a new connection that you were dubious about accepting, who is now telling you how cute you look!


You just received a message including abuse, bad language etc.

It's not a nice feeling at all. 😌😌

In this PPT I show you Step X Step just how to deal with these types and gain some well deserved peace of mind for yourself.

Enjoy 😎😎

Happy to help!

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Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers BBB
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