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15 Tested & Proven Invitations to Connect.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

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LinkedIn Tip No 9 - 15 Tested & Proven Invitations to Connect.

Hello Everybody.

How do you really get the attention of the person you want to Connect to?

Easy! You send them a personalised (Use their first name) request to connect with a short message (Upto 300 characters) and signed off with your Name at the end.

A good idea is to give the person a reason why you want to connect to them.

Check their LinkedIn profile or their content and look for 'mutual areas of interest', mention this in your original request to connect message to them.

Whatever You Do, DON"T SELL - Why? Because it's too early in the conversation and people hate being sold or pitched to.

In this PDF you'll find 15 proven Request to Connect messages ready for you to download, copy and paste.

15 Tested & Proven Invitations To Connec
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