Interviews with LinkedIn Experts

Interviews with highly experienced experts and industry authorities, providing you with valuable insights and tips on how to get better results developing and improving your business. 

Chris J "Mohawk" Reed

LinkedIn's No1 Keynote Speaker,

LinkedIn Expert, 

Best Selling Author of 3 Books,

 Founder of Black Marketing.


Interview topics covered.

LinkedIn Profile,

Branding & Posting strategy.


Patrick Ward

Editor-In-Chief at High Speed Experts,

Forbes Featured Writer,

and #WordsWithWard Creator,

#LinkedInLocalLA Co-Host.

Interview topics covered.

How to structure and write content with impact that gets noticed. 


Joy McAdams

Business Owner & Strategist,

LinkedIn Video Expert, 

Business Owner,

Inspirational Marathon Woman, 

Married & Proud Mother of 5.

Interview topics covered.

Authentic LinkedIn Video.


Jane Anderson CSP

Personal Brand & Content Strategist,

Award Winning Communications Expert, 

Business Owner.

Interview topics covered.

Authentic Branding, Content,

How anybody can become an Influencer.


 Adam Houlahan

CEO Web Traffic That Works

LinkedIn Expert, 

Best Selling Author,

 International Keynote Speaker

Founder of The Influencer program.


Interview topics covered.

Linkedin & Influencer Strategies & Tips.


 Cory Warfield

CEO of Shedwool

Serial Entrepreneur, 

Mentor You Global,

 Philanthropist (1% for the Planet, Turning Point, Malala Fund)

Writer, speaker, mentor, strategist.


Interview topics covered.

Linkedin Posting Strategy & Tips.


 Cory Warfield

CEO of Shedwool

Serial Entrepreneur, 

Mentor You Global,

 Philanthropist (1% for the Planet, Turning Point, Malala Fund)

Writer, speaker, mentor, strategist.

Interview topics covered.

Shedwool shift scheduling tool for companies of all sizes, 

Business Tips. 


Jean-Michel Tournier

LinkedIn Trainer & Social Media Expert.

The LinkedIn Nuclear Scientist

Former Professor and Engineering Consultant,

to the Energy and Aerospace sector.

Interview topics covered.

Marketing on LinkedIn & Online, 

Follow Up Systems. 


 Rhonda Sher

LinkedIn Diva.

LinkedIn Trainer. 

Business Networking Expert,

 Keynote Speaker


Interview topics covered.

Linkedin Profile, Posting & Usage Tips.


 Paul Gardner AM

Former Chairman of Grey Worldwide (Advertising)

Former President of Melbourne Football Club

Advertising, Marketing & Communications Expert.

One of Australia's leading business entrepreneurs. 

Interview topics covered.

Advertising, Sales & Marketing,

Business Tips. 


 Lila Smith

#SayThingsBetter Creator & Speaker

Communication Breakthrough Coach,

Messaging Consultant to Thought Leaders,

& Entrepreneurs,

Certified YouMap® Coach.

Interview topics covered.

Connection & Communication Tips,

Clearer Brand Messaging. 

Building Relationships & Generating Referrals.

Business Tips. 


John North

Best Selling Author & Publisher.

Co Founder of

CEO and founder of,

Discover How To Become a #1 Best Selling Author In as Little as 90 Days.

Interview topics covered.

How to launch your book to become a 'Best Seller'. 


Tina Biro

The inspirational story of a young lady who emigrated as a refugee from war torn Former Yugoslavia to Australia at the age of just 7 years old, to being bullied at school due to her language difficulties, to graduate and go on to Monash University.


With a Masters in Psychology, Tina now coaches individuals, entrepreneurs and success motivated corporations on becoming High Performers.

Shawn Heide

Digital Marketing Specialist.

An inspirational story about a man who refused to give up even when he was homeless, who now has a growing social media management business.

Interview topics covered.

The value of posting authentic video content,

Influencers, following, reaching out and connecting.


Jordan Mendoza

Sales & Leadership Trainer, Public Speaker, Personal Branding Strategist, Coach, Consultant, Content Creator, Podcast Host. 

Listen to how Jordan used video and content to reach more of his audience, build relationships and massively increase his following in 6 - 8 months

Interview topics covered. 

Authentic content and why.