Grow Your Business with LinkedIn - Online Course

About 'Linked Into More Business'

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 Linked Into More Business


Discover how to use Linkedin, the world's largest database of businesses and the opportunities it opens up for you, including how to find and 'connect' with larger target markets, establish and build relationships that covert into appointments. 

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn - Online Course

The 'Linked Into More Business' course includes

6 Step X Step modules

containing over 60 chapters

that are easy to follow and show you exactly what to do.

Getting Started on LinkedIn: 

  • Quick Start to setting up your LinkedIn profile,

  • 5 Steps to results on LinkedIn.

  • Set up and develop your LinkedIn profile to achieve 'All Star' status,

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to improve it's ranking within the LinkedIn search results,

  • Use Social Proof to stand out from the crowd, 

  • Get Endorsements and Recommendations,

  • Drive more qualified traffic with increased interest in your business to your website.

Use LinkedIn to Position You & Your Brand:

  • Strengthen the online positioning of you, your business, your services and your brand,

  • Position yourself as an authority within your industry,

  • Establish, build and nurture professional relationships for the long term,

  • Network more effectively with high profile individuals. 

Your LinkedIn Content:

  • What to post,

  • Types of content to post that strengthen your connection and relationship with your target audience,

  • Where to find content,

  • Automate and schedule your posts.

How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn: 

(Connect with more of the right people within your target market)


  • Access the worlds largest database of businesses to expand your network within your specific target audience,

  • Search for your more of the right prospects within your target audience,  

  • Build and grow your target target market, 

  • Identify new and suitable target markets,

  • Connect with more people that match your client/customer avatar,

  • Connect with prospects the right way.

  • Target the Top 20 Dream Clients  for Your Industry. 

LinkedIn for Lead Generation:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator, access to a database of leads. 

  • Connect with genuine leads without selling,

  • Establish, build and nurture professional relationships that convert into business for the long term,

  • The right time to 'pitch' what you offer,

  • Increase your sales and grow your business with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Referrals:

  • Use an actual system for generating referrals on LinkedIn,

  • Position yourself so people are happy to refer their family, friends and colleagues to you.



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  • Also available are weekly Coaching + Q & A Calls.

  • Specific Workshops.

  • Call replays.

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