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Free LinkedIn for Business Tips

To help you to build, grow and scale your business.

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#30Tipsin30Days is a popular series of Free LinkedIn for business tips including proven LinkedIn strategies to help you.

You will learn valuable insights to help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile and create a better impression of yourself and your business towards your target audience. 


Introduction to the Latest Series of #30Tipsin30Days.

Tip 1 -

LinkedIn as a Database & a Tool to Start a Conversation.

Tip 2 -

How to Design Yourself a Banner Image and Create a Good First Impression.

Tip 3 -

Which is Your Best Face Pic for Your LinkedIn Profile?

Tip 4 -

A Proven Strategy to Test & Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile Headline.

Tip 5 -

Step X Step – How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile Cover Story.

Tip 6 -

How to Research the Right Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile.

Tip 7 -

Where to Place Your Keywords to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. 

Tip 8 -

Steps to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Level of All-Star.

Tip 9 -

How to Make Your Featured Section of Your LinkedIn Profile Really Stand Out.

Tip 10 -

How to Write & What to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile ‘About’ Section.

Tip 11 -

How to Write and What to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile ‘Experience’ Section.

Tip 12 -

4 Areas to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile.

Tip 13 -

How to Get Notified When Your Prospects Post their Latest Content.

Tip 14 -

20 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views. 

Tip 15 -

Your 9-Point LinkedIn Content Plan.

Tip 16 -

Your 6-Point LinkedIn Post Checklist.

Tip 17 -

The Right Way to Use Tags to Increase the Reach of Your Posts

Tip 18 -

The Right Way to Schedule Your Posts on LinkedIn.

Tip 19 -

How to Register Your Own #Hashtags.

Tip 20 -

My Top 3 Video Tools to Create Better Videos.

Tip 21 -

A Quick & Easy Way to Download Clips from Your iPhone to Your PC.

Tip 22 -

How to Download YouTube Clips to Use as Content.

Tip 23 -

Social Proof - Why it Matters & How to Get More.

Tip 24 -

How to Create and Use Case Studies to Make More Appointments.

Tip 25 -

The Right Way to Connect with Prospects on LinkedIn.

Tip 26 -

How to Edit Errors in Your Messages AFTER You’ve Sent Them.

Tip 27 -

A Proven Way to Use LinkedIn to Increase Your Sales.

Tip 28 -

Steps to Increase Your Social Selling Index (SSI) Score.

Tip 29 -

The Difference Between LinkedIn Premium & Sales Navigator.

Tip 30 -

How to Deal with Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers.

Each of the #30Tipsin30Days Free LinkedIn for business tips includes a short explainer video to help you to better understand and apply.

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