Improve Your Results on LinkedIn
with these Free LinkedIn Tips #30tipsin30days

#30Tipsin30Days for LinkedIn.

Introduction to #30Tipsin30Days series 


I'll be posting a series of videos packed full of useful LinkedIn Tips that you can easily apply and get a result with A S A P.


Included will be profile tips, optimization tips, LinkedIn updates and much more.


Tip No 1:


How to Create Your Banner / Header Image for Your LinkedIn Profile.


Tip No 2:


How to Find Your Best Face Pic for Your LinkedIn Profile.


Tip No 3:


How to Develop Your LinkedIn Headline for a Stronger Impact.


We all know a good headline can have an impact upon how influential your article, post and even your profile can be towards the reader.


In this video I detail how you can easily and scientifically, using a proven algorithm, test your headlines.


Tip No 4:

How to Research Your Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile.

Just like Google, LinkedIn is also a search engine and therefore keywords and profile optimization play a part in where your profile comes up in the LinkedIn search results.


Your keywords should be related to your target market. In this video I detail how and where to research your keywords.


Tip No 5:


How to Write The About & Experience Sections for Your LinkedIn Profile.


In this video I show you a proven formula to create a stronger impression on the viewer or reader of your LinkedIn profile, strong enough so they actually want to know more about you, your areas of expertise, experience and what you have to offer.


Tip No 6:


How to Achieve the All Star Ranking for Your LinkedIn Profile.


LinkedIn encourages people to complete their profiles to a particular level by awarding them the status of 'All Star' ranking.


In this video I cover some of the steps involved to achieve an 'All Star' rating for your profile.


Tip No 7:


10 Easy to Follow Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out.


Over 725 million people are now registered to use LinkedIn, so it's more important then ever to have a profile that stands out, that is more interesting to the viewer or reader of your profile.


In this video I give you 10 Easy to Apply Tips that will help you and your profile create a better impression upon your audience.


Tip No 8:


Quick Start to Set Up & Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.


Inside you'll find tips and tools on how to

  • Design and build your Banner / header image.

  • Find out which is your best Face Pic to use.

  • Use a unique algorithm to test and improve your headline.

  • Research your keywords.

  • Optimize your profile and where to use your keywords. 



Tip No 9:


15 Tested & Proven Invitations to Connect.


How do you really get the attention of the person you want to Connect to?

Easy! You send them a personalised (Use their first name) request to connect with a short message (Upto 300 characters) and signed off with your Name at the end.


Tip No 10:


How to Connect with People on LinkedIn More Effectively.


Most people on LinkedIn WANT MORE CONNECTIONS... But there are different ways to connect and some result in better professional relationships than others.

In this video I give you reasons and tips on how to connect with more people more effectively.


Tip No 11:


How to Quickly & Easily Download Your Clips and Pics from Your iPhone to Your PC or Mac.


If you own an iPhone, then you'll know what it's like to try to download your pics or clips, it can be an absolute nightmare.... Here's an easy to use solution...


Tip No 12:


4 Easy to Use Tools to Choose from to Add Sub Titles or Captions to Your Videos.


Most people on LinkedIn WANT MORE CONNECTIONS... But there are different ways to connect and some result in better professional relationships than others.

In this video I give you reasons and tips on how to connect with more people more effectively.



Tip No 13:


How to Quickly & Easily Download Clips from YouTube for Your LinkedIn Posts.


YouTube, just like Google is a search engine and that means you can search YouTube for content on almost any topic, download that content, using the tool I recommend in this video and then use that very content in your LinkedIn posts.


Tip No 14:


#Hashtags - How to Register Your Own!


Hashtags allow you to

  • Search for and follow particular topics,

  • Increase engagement,

  • Increase followers,

  • Expose your content to a wider audience,

  • specific target audiences and much more.Reach

Do you have a good idea for your own #hashtag?


Tip No 15:


Over 50 Triggers to get The Conversation Started.


I describe LinkedIn as

1.) The worlds largest database of businesses, their owners and their employees.

2.) A tool that you can use to get the conversation started. Here are over 50  


Tip No 16:


How to use Tags to Increase the Reach & Interaction of Your Posts by a Wider & More Targeted Audience.

Tags can be used to increase the interaction by people within your audience specifically targeted by you. 


A great way to further establish, build and nurture your relationship with particular people you choose.

➢ How to Tag people,

➢ The Right & the Wrong way to tag people in your posts.


Tip No 17:


How to Schedule Your Posts on LinkedIn the Right Way!


Consistently posting can be a challenge, it's easy to get caught up in life, in business, with clients or customers and before you know it, you've missed your posts for that day!

In this video I recommend ONLY 2 platforms that you can use either of to actually schedule your posts here on LinkedIn.



Tip No 18:


The Wrong Way Vs the Right Way to Sell on LinkedIn.


You probably know just how it feels when you receive the 'Sales Pitch' inside your LinkedIn Inbox and your reaction to it! 😌 😌

You're not alone, most of us react in exactly the same way!

The reason is 'It's too early in the conversation'.



Tip No 19:


Old School (Style) Selling Vs Added Value.


Most people are not a fan of being sold to or on the receiving end of a Sales Pitch, but most people want to increase sales for their business.

So how do you use LinkedIn to increase your sales without the Hard Sell Old School (Style) Sales Pitch.

In this video I explain the difference between Old School Selling Vs Adding Value.



Tip No 20:


Social Proof - What is It? Why You Should Have More & How it Can Benefit Your Business!

Social Proof when used correctly, is a powerful marketing tool or strategy that can be a significant factor in converting more leads into business for you.


Used to increase confidence in the eyes and minds of your prospects, in you and your services, it can be used to break down those barriers, position you as somebody worth talking to and help you to take the conversation to then next level.


Tip No 21:


Case Studies - How to Set Up Your Own Case Studies to Get You in Front of More Decision Makers.


Case Studies are a powerful form of Social Proof that help you to prove to your prospects that what you offer actually delivers the results you claim.

Used as part of establishing, building and nurturing the relationship;

● Positioning you as an authority within your industry,
● As somebody your prospects should be talking to.


Tip No 22:


How to Correct or Edit Errors & Typos In Your Inbox Messages.

You know the feeling.    


You send a message to somebody from your LinkedIn Messaging Inbox, you've already hit Send and then you notice you've misspelt their name or there's a typo in the message. AAArrrrgghhhh...   


A new feature on LinkedIn allows you to correct the errors or typos in your messages for a period of time, after you have already sent the message.


Tip No 23:


How to Deal with Trolls, Idiots & Tire Kickers


You know the feeling when you get the message in your inbox or when somebody tries to 'Hijack' your post by sharing their link promoting their latest offering!

You just received a message including abuse, bad language etc.

You get that message from a new connection that you were dubious about accepting, who is now telling you how cute you look!


Tip No 24:


Over 30 Ways to Increase Your Profile Views.


When people want to know more about you and what you offer, one place they will look is your LinkedIn profile.

In this PPT I describe over 30 different ways that you can use to increase your LinkedIn profile views.


Tip No 25:


How LinkedIn Actually Scores Your Efforts with the Social Selling Index or SSI. 

Have you ever wanted to know just how well your efforts on LinkedIn are working?

LinkedIn will actually give you a score or a rating of your efforts on a weekly basis.
Called the Social Selling Index or SSI for short, it's a useful tool to see if the results of your efforts are improving or heading in the right direction. 



Tip No 26:


Good & Bad Karma - The LinkedIn Way!

In this video I share with you a list of

➤ 11 X Good Karma steps you can easily apply here on LinkedIn.

➤ 7 X Bad Karma things you can make the mistake of doing on LinkedIn.



Tip No 27:


Are You Struggling for Ideas About What to Post?


If you're like many people here on LinkedIn, occasionally you'll struggle to find the inspiration or come up with the right idea for your next post.

Let's be honest, everybody that I know has experienced this at one time or another!

So in this video I share with you some of the best advice, ideas and content tips I've learned from some of the best content creators I know.



Tip No 28:


Easily Applied Steps to Be More Authentic & Genuine on LinkedIn.

Have you ever wondered what to do to be noticed more, particularly by more of the right people?

Like most things in life, it's easy once you know how!

In this video I share with you some easily applied steps to help you be appreciated more as being authentic and genuine.



Tip No 29:


How to More Effectively Use LinkedIn Search.

Use LinkedIn Search to find people by


  • Industry

  • Business/Company name

  • Business/company type

  • Job role/seniority level

  • Company size

  • No of employees

  • Location

Connections 1st, 2nd or 3rd level to you

Mutual areas of interest such as schools, colleges etc.

Content & other different criteria. 



Tip No 30:


Your Resume & Your LinkedIn Profile.

Your Resume:


Outline why you are suited and why you would like to be considered for a particular position.


Be short, concise and specific to the point.

Your Profile:


Compliments and elaborates on your Resume.