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30 Tips in 30 Days for LinkedIn.

Introduction to 30 Tips in 30 Days series 


I'll be posting a series of videos packed full of useful LinkedIn Tips that you can easily apply and get a result with A S A P.


Included will be profile tips, optimization tips, LinkedIn updates and much more.



Tip No 1:


How to easily build yourself and attractive, eye catching and appealing header image for your LinkedIn profile for FREE.



Tip No 2:


How to to find out which is the best Face Pic for your LinkedIn profile.



Tip No 3:


How to Scientifically Test Your Headlines.


We all know a good headline can have an impact upon how influential your article, post and even your profile can be towards the reader.


In this video I detail how you can easily and scientifically, using a proven algorithm, test your headlines.



Tip No 4:

Profile Steps to Take Towards Achieving an 'All Star' Ranking.

LinkedIn encourages people to complete their profiles to a particular level by awarding them the status of 'All Star' ranking.


In this video I cover some of the steps involved to achieve an 'All Star' rating for your profile.



Tip No 5:


How to Research Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile.


Just like Google, LinkedIn is also a search engine and therefore keywords and profile optimization play a part in where your profile comes up in the LinkedIn search results.


Your keywords should be related to your target market. In this video I detail how and where to research your keywords.



Tip No 6:


How to Strengthen the Positioning of Your Profile and Your Content.


Have you ever wondered from what 'angle' should you describe yourself, your business, your services etc or even your content?


In this video I provide a simple strategy that will help you to strengthen the 'positioning' of your profile and your content towards your target audience. 



Tip No 7:


How Social Proof Helps You Stand Out from The Crowd.  


These days more and more people are turning to ‘Online’ to promote, build and grow their businesses.


So what actually is Social Proof?

Social Proof is anything quantifiable that substantiates that you’re good at what you do and what you provide.



Such as.

a.) Case Studies (Based on identification of a problem experienced by your target market, the solution you provided, the results achieved = a written testimonial or recommendation by your client)


b.) Testimonials / Recommendations from clients or customers. (Videos or in writing or both)


c.) Guarantees (When structured and written correctly, are a form of risk reversal)


d.) JV’s (Joint Ventures, endorsement of you by another business to their customer base)


e.) Sharing (When your content is shared to others).


f.) Endorsements of your Skills

Tip No 8:


Impact - & 6 Tips to Help Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out from the Crowd.

When you have a LinkedIn Profile that stands out from the crowd, that’s different to what people are accustomed to viewing, it can create a stronger impression and have more of an impact, especially upon your target audience.

​Here are some ideas that you can use on your profile to help it to stand out.



1.) Make sure you have a header image.


2.) Add Media including Papers, Case Studies, pdf's etc, all of these should be hosted via Slideshare.


3.) Publish articles – these help to position you as an industry authority.


4.) Recommendations – Ask you clients for recommendations.


5.) Skills – Ask clients/customers to endorse your skills.


6.) Company Pages – Set up company pages for your own company, include your company logo on your company page so it shows next to the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile. 

Tip No 9:


Measure Your Efforts & Results on LinkedIn.

Let’s face it! Sometimes it helps a lot to know more about what you’re doing, or at least to get some ‘insights into how well your efforts are actually working for you.


LinkedIn will tell you how effective your efforts actually are. That’s Right!


Your efforts and results on LinkedIn are measurable in several different ways.



Called the Social Selling Index or SSI.

It covers how well you’re

  • Establishing your personal brand,

  • Finding the right people,

  • Engaging with people,

  • & Building relationships.

  • + Your Industry Ranking

  • + Your Network Ranking Average for people in your industry, 

  • Average for people in your network.


Updated each week and provides you with an overall score so you can see how well your efforts are working for you.

Tip No 10:


Impress - 8 Tips to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed by the Right People.

When your LinkedIn Profile stands out and creates the right impression on the reader, in their minds it strengthens your position about your areas of experience, expertise and what you offer.



1.) Make sure your header image demonstrates what you’re good at and what you offer. Build with


2.) Add a good face pic, check with


3.) Recommendations – Source recommendations (References), as many as possible.


4.) Skills – Ask clients/customers to endorse your skills.


5.) Add Case Studies via Slideshare. (Based on a work / industry or customer problem you solved, solution provided, results achieved + a recommendation/testimonial to substantiate)


6.) Add a ‘Welcome to My Profile’ video, hosted on Youtube and linked to your profile at the bottom of your Summary (About) or Experience section.




7.) Post Content related to your area of experience/ expertise. W,I,I,F,T. (Tag people to see your content)


8.) Shortlist and message important people you would like to see your content.

Tip No 11:


When is the Best Time to Post?




Who Would You Most Prefer to See Your Posts?



Tip No 12:


How to Schedule Your Posts on LinkedIn the Right Way!


Scheduling your posts can save you valuable time and help you to be more consistent in the posting of your content.


You may or may not know that there is a right and a wrong way to actually schedule your posts on LinkedIn.


It comes down to choosing the right platform that LinkedIn does not have an issue with.




Tip No 13:


How Do You Feel When Somebody Pitches You Too Early?


When is The Right Time To Pitch?


Most of us have experienced the 'connection' who tries to sell us something right from the start, most of us react the same way, which is usually along the lines of 'Not Impressed' with a few expletives thrown in!


Nobody Likes to be 'Pitched' too early!




Tip No 14:




Ever Wanted Your Own Hashtags?

Here's How!


So what actually is a hashtag?


According to Wikipedia.


A hashtag is a type of tag used on social networks such as LinkedIn and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content.




Got an idea for your own hashtag?


Check if it's available here


Go to


and do a FREE check to see if your idea for your own Hashtag is available.

Tip No 15:


LinkedIn Profile Vs Resume

What's the difference?


Your Resume:


Can include a specifically written introduction to the prospective employer.


Outline why you are suited and why you would like to be considered for a particular position.


Be short, concise and specific to the point.


Detail, your education, experience & your best references.


Highlight a specific skill set, career objective and goals.




Your LinkedIn Profile:


Tells a bigger story and details more about you including,


Areas or expertise and experience,


Volunteer Work,


Skills Endorsements and Recommendations.


+ Post content the demonstrates your industry specific knowledge and expertise.


+ Articles, Papers, Case Studies etc via Slideshare to improve your 'positioning' within your industry or field.


Can be used to strongly present you and your accomplishments to future employers.


Allows you to search for and contact people within HR departments of organisations you would like to apply for jobs at.


Your LinkedIn profile can be optimized to improve where in ranks within the LinkedIn search results. Compliment your resume and includes everything else your resume doesn't include.

Tip No 16:


Are You Authentic Enough?


So what does ‘being authentic actually mean?

Firstly, be honest and true with yourself as only then can you be honest and true to others.


Secondly, there is an old saying,

‘Treat people the way you would like to be treated.’


Thirdly, remember people want to interact with others that they know, like and trust.



To be authentic

✓ Make sure your profile has a face pic of you.

✓ Focus on giving and helping others.

✓ Be grateful and express gratitude.

✓ Be thoughtful and accepting that different people

   have different points of view and that’s OK.

✓ Always be honest, genuine, sincere and


✓ If you make an error / mistake, own it, where all


✓ Don’t B.S. people, it stands out for all the wrong


✓ Try to offer value that genuinely helps your

   audience, preferably without a sales pitch.

✓ Interact to gain interaction.

✓ Be consistent.

✓ Personalise every comment, message or reply with

   their 1st name.

✓ Try to like and reply to all comments ASAP, ideally

   within 24 hours.

✓ Always reply and follow Up to people who PM


Tip No 17:


How to Overcome Troll’s, Idiots

and Even Date Requests.


Unfortunately, these days, troll’s and idiots are becoming more prevalent on LinkedIn, not a week goes by without hearing from friends and connections how they’ve experienced insults, harassment and even been propositioned!


On LinkedIn, most users are respectful people who would like to see LinkedIn remain as a professional network for everybody. Unfortunately, there a re a few who think they can hide behind their keyboard and show a lack of courtesy to others by behaving badly.




So how does one deal with Troll’s, Idiots and even people asking you for a date?



Do NOT engage with them, just block them.


To Block them, Right Click Your mouse while hovering on their name, open up their profile in a new window, click on More, then select Report / Block and in 2 more steps that person will be blocked, it’s literally that easy.


Once they’re blocked, they won’t be able to access your profile, message you or view your shared content.


Now you can enjoy some peace of mind!

Tip No 18:


How To Easily Add Subtitles To Your Videos.


Statistics show that over 80% of videos are actually watched in silent or muted mode.


So it's a good idea to have subtitles on your videos so that you can get your message across to more of your audience.


You can actually have your video transcribed for you, you can have subtitles added to your video or you can do it yourself. 




Tip No 19:


Reasons or Results & Changing Your Approach.


Many of you will have experienced moments in life that had a profound impact upon the way you look at things, the way you think about things moving forward.


For me, it was the answers to the questions I asked of these 2 wealthy businessmen that changed my way of thinking, more importantly, altered my way of learning and applying what I had learned.




Tip No 20:


How to Easily Use Consistent Branding & Message to Create Better Enquiries for You & Your Business.

If your branding and message is inconsistent, if they see anything that creates doubt, negativity or scepticism, they don't have time to sort it out themselves, they'll just click their mouse and go elsewhere.


So how consistent is your branding and message online? 




Tip No 21:

LinkedIn, the World’s Largest Database of Businesses & their Employees.


If your business is in B2B or some B2C niches, LinkedIn can be your 1 stop prospect list to massively increase your target market.




Use LinkedIn Search to find people by


➣ Industry

➣ Business/Company name

➣ Business/company type

➣ Job role/seniority level

➣ Company size

➣ No of employees

➣ Location

➣ Connections 1st, 2nd or 3rd level to you

➣ Mutual areas of interest such as schools, colleges etc.

➣ Content

➣You can even search for people within a specific industry by their recent activity.


Show interest in your prospects and ‘break the ice’ when you Like, Comment on, Share or Follow their content, their posts etc.


Reach out, connect, establish, build and nurture the relationship, then take the conversation to the next level, being a phone call, or even a face to face meeting etc.


As a resourceful ‘prospect list’ consider the possibilities, using LinkedIn, it’s possible to expand from ‘local to ‘international’ target markets literally within just a few weeks.

Tip No 22:


LinkedIn is the World’s Largest Database of Employers.




Using Linkedin to search for a job…

✔ Linkedin will actually suggest jobs suitable to you based on the content and keywords used throughout your profile.

✔ On your profile, emphasise your Skills instead of your job titles. Just a little bit or preparation and searching for a job on LinkedIn becomes easy.


Just click on the Jobs Icon at the top of your page and use the filters to refine your search.



You can search by


➣ Job Type

➣ Date Posted

➣ Past 24 hours

➣ Past week

➣ Past Month

➣ or Relevance

➣ Company

➣ Experience level

➣ Career Interests

➣ Salary level

➣ Location + Search for jobs with

➣ Under 10 Applicants,

➣ In Your Network,

➣ Easy Apply.


✔ Create a Search Alert to get notified of new positions as they’re posted.


✔ When you reach out to potential employers or HR, write them a personalised message and connect! Look at their profile and company page for mutual areas of interest.


✔ Follow company pages of specific companies you would like to work for, so you see hiring announcements early.

Tip No 23:


Old School Selling Vs New School Selling on Social Media.


Old School 'pushy' hard sell type techniques do not work on Social Media, especially here on LinkedIn, in fact for many it's a big 'turn off'.


Remember: The best sales people don't sell, they just talk to people!




Tip No 24:


The Top 100 #hashtags on LinkedIn

July 2019


If you've ever wondered about which hashtags you should use then this data will help you.


Included is

☑ The Top 100 Hashtags for LinkedIn.


☑ The actual numbers of followers for each of them.


Simply select which hashtag best suits your objective for your post.



Tip No 25:

6 Easy Steps to Generate Real Leads on Linkedin.

As the largest database of businesses in the world today, LinkedIn has real potential to be a goldmine for people looking to generate revenue for their business.


BUT, things have changed over the years, old school type sales approaches don't work on LinkedIn, instead there is Social Selling, which is all about building relationships, providing genuine value, social proof and being authentic.



☑ Here's a strategy that works well ☑

1. Use LinkedIn Search to find prospects, check their profile 'Recent Activity' to see if they're recently active.


2. Send a personalised invitation to connect.


3. Start a conversation, check their profile for mutual areas of interest, don’t pitch & don’t sell.


4. Establish, build & nurture the relationship.


5. Then ask permission from your prospect to send through some brief info about what you do.

(Send through a Case Study) that includes

➣ A common problem experienced by a similar client.
➣ The solution you provided.
➣ Results achieved 
➣ A testimonial from your client


6.) Take the conversation offline, a phone/skype/zoom call or a Face to face meeting.

Tip No 26:


How to More Effectively Use LinkedIn Search.

LinkedIn Search includes some powerful features that allow you to narrow down or refine your search to reveal much more of what you're actually looking for.


LinkedIn Search allows you search for People or Jobs,

incl job type, job location, experience level, function, title, relevance, date posted, salary, under 10 applicants etc.




Tip No 27:


How to Connect on LinkedIn the Right Way.


Remember what it’s like to physically meet somebody and feel like you really connected!

So how do you go about ‘connecting’ with people on LinkedIn on a deeper, more personal level that builds empathy, trust and rapport?




Tip No 28:


 Impress -

5 Easy Steps to Help Your LinkedIn Profile Impress More of the Right People.


For Job Seekers & People in Business.


Over the years I’ve seen many LinkedIn profiles, some good, some bad and many in between.


Outstanding profiles all have the following in common.


Here are the top 5 things you can do to help your profile stand out make a good impression.




● Header Image -

Design and build yourself an attractive header image, dimensions of 1584 X 396 Pixels.

Use to develop a Hi Res header image.


● Face Pic -

Use your best face pic, if you’re not sure then test several at


● Headline -

Job Seekers – What you do & what you’re passionate about.


People in Business – Your key benefit statement.

Eg: I help consultants generate more leads and increase sales with proven sales strategies and training.


● Summary (About) -

Entice people to open this section and read more with an attention grabbing 1st sentence, be sure to check how this sentence displays on both desktop and your mobile.


● Add Media -

Video, Papers, Pdf’s, Case Studies, Certificates, Recommendations, etc

Tip No 29:


5 Steps to Crank Up Your Results with Your Connections on LinkedIn.


The 5 Steps are





Next Level, 





Tip No 30:


How to Create Your Own LinkedIn Sales Funnel.

5 Steps include

Identify your Target Market, 

Post Content,



Take the Conversation to the Next Level. 




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